Social media use statistics

what are the Social media use statistics

in this article, we will discuss social media use statistics. Now social media has become the most powerful marketing tool. According to the research of 2022, the popularity of social media has increased.

About 58.4% of people all over the world use social media. Daily social media usage by people is about 2 hours and 27mints. In this blog post, we will provide you latest information statically about the usage of social media. The following questions help you to understand the use of social media statically.

What is the overall popularity of social media use statistics all over the world?

 Social media use statistics

According to Datareportal regular research, the popularity of social media has increased. Student can download their presentation slides from social media. But in some countries, social media is still less used than in others.

How many people use social media?

According to Datareportal world overview in January 2022, the popularity of social media has increased. Now more than half of the world uses social media. All over the world social media users are about 4.62 billion. About 424 million new social media has appeared in the last 12 months. The average daily time spent on social media is about 2 hours and 27mints.

Increase in social media usage statistics:

There is a noticeable change in social media use statistics before and after COVID-19.

Increase in social media users in COVID-19

According to Datareporter in 2020 social media users increased at beginning of COVID-19 during the lockdown. There was also an increase in online and digital activities.

 But after two years, now increasing growth has slowed down. This increase in the growth of the population was due to lockdown. There was much increase in the growth of TikTok. and about to become the 5th most used tool in 2022. Facebook is still the most useable platform of social media.

Social media popularity in the US:

In US social media is mostly used for news. The population of social media users for news increased in 2021. But still many people obtain news from social media.

The social media users in 2021 were 4.2 billion but in January 2022 population of social media, users increased to 4.62 billion.

   Statistic on use of social media:

There is about 4.62 billion people use social media all over the world.


The social media user has been increased by about 12% since 2012


13+ aged people use about 75% of worldwide social media.


Social media user in America is about 72%.


Male aged 20-to 29 mostly use social media.


Females between the age of 16-29 are mostly social media users and spend about 3 hours and 18mint per day.

 Instagram statistic:

Instagram users are about 1.5 billion.

Instagram ads reach 30% of internet users

Now Instagram has become the 4th most popular social media platform

59% of adults in the US use Instagram every day.

91% of Instagram users watch videos on Instagram every week.

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Facebook Statistics


Facebook is the most usable platform for social media

36% of the population all over the world about 3 billion people use Facebook.

5% of males use the Facebook and about 43.5% female use Facebook

People spend about 19.6hours on Facebook

Facebook has become the 7th most valuable marketing platform all over the world.

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