facebook ads vs google ads

which one is better for your business Facebook ads vs Google ads

Every time an advertiser thinks about running a digital ad to maximize their business, they try to choose between Facebook ads vs Google ads. And finally, ends up with a question which one is the best?

Since Facebook ads vs Google ads are both the best players, it’s challenging to make a choice But this article helps you understand the difference between Facebook ads vs Google ads to make an intelligent choice.

facebook ads vs google ads
Facebook ads vs google ads


The difference between Facebook ads vs Google ads


They both serve the same purpose of running pay-per-word advertisements on various channels to the target audience. Hence there are a few differences between Facebook ads vs google ads; let’s discuss those. Companies run promotions on google search engine networks. Google displays all the ads on the top of the search results pages based on the keyword search.

The advertisers register a google ad account to add text-only ad copy and other keyword details. Google is considered the most popular search engine due to billions of searches conducted each month for google ads.


On the other hand, Facebook ads are advertisements on social media sites and other facebook owned channels such as Instagram, and Messenger. where advertisers use PPC ads on Facebook. This social giant is considered a potential weapon to target almost 2.9 billion people active on Facebook daily. Many chose Facebook ads to market their brand due to its targeted capabilities. I hope it would be helpful for advertisers to know the difference between Facebook ads vs google ads.


Choosing between Facebook ads vs google ads for eCommerce


Facebook ads


Choosing the best ad option for your eCommerce marketing depends on the goals and business details. To run Facebook ads, you need a verified business account. The primary purpose of Facebook ads is to provide brand awareness. Facebook ads work best if you have to introduce or launch a new brand because nearly 1.73 billion users use Facebook actively. It would be best if you increased the social media followers of your brand.


Once you achieve the goal, customers will automatically search for your brand on google. Simply put, Facebook ads are an easy and quick way to increase brand demand on search engines. Facebook is a suitable option, especially if you are selling cheaper products for b2B businesses,


Since social media emphasizes photos more, it is prudent to opt for Facebook ads for beauty or apparel products on eCommerce. Facebook ads are the best choice if you are on a low budget. A garment company needs to pay only $0,45 for each click.


Google ads


On the contrary, google ads are used when your brand has already accomplished a name and fame. Potential customers actively search for any brand products they require to purchase on google ads and get the desired results. This is a simple way of getting direct conversions. Google ads are also helpful for the advertisements of visual product types, and B2B or B2C companies also prefer google ads.


However, consumers usually opt for google ads when they intend to make a purchase for comparatively costly items, home appliances, etc. For instance, a person will use google ads for repair services instead of Facebook ads if his refrigerator malfunctions, so you can choose google ads for less visually appealing or costly products to attract high-potential customers. Furthermore, google ads are way more expensive because e-commerce companies will have to pay $1.16 PPC for sponsored search.


Both serve the best purposes; choosing an appropriate eCommerce marketing channel depends on the business model. Both ads go hand in hand because consumers search your google ads once they acquire brand awareness on Facebook. So instead of working on one size fits all, you should opt for both ads strategies to boom your eCommerce.

Facebook ads vs Google ads trends for 2022

let’s discuss Facebook ads vs google ads in detail.

Google ads trends 2022

To remain the top-notch choice for business companies. Google has announced a new ad trend. According to this, the customers can easily view the display video of google ads on screens in different public places such as taxis, airports, or markets. Electronic out-of-home advertisements let businesses run many variations of their messages and can be based on the time of day.


Google has also announced a new ad, a feature of consumer interest indicators, and a tool for one-click upgrades. Google will roll out the customer interest insight to the google ads insights pages. This recent update will let the advertisers look at the themes promoting conversions. Since up till now, sufficient details were not accessible to the advertisers about conversions, this new feature will help them a great deal. In the same way, the advertisers will get a notification in their google ads to account for the availability of a one-click tool.


Facebook ads trends 2022

No one denies that videos play crucial roles in advertisements, even more than visual ads. That’s why Facebook introduced a Facebook video ads trend in 2022. In the same way, it has also presented mobile facebook advertising because 98.5 percent use Facebook through mobile phones.


The more exciting ad trend of Facebook ads is Facebook stories, as about 300 million people utilize stories. They enjoy seeing stories in their leisure time. And Facebook ads story play an imperative role by getting interested users to your website and resulting in conversions.


Last but not least, Facebook has come up with personalized Facebook ads to increase sales. Because 80 percent of users purchase if they find marketing efforts meeting their needs, it involves assessing and anticipating a customer’s needs and making the conversion process as simple as possible.


Final thoughts

So, it is up to you which ad strategy you choose and spend dollars on. Both of them contain a special place of their own. But how about using both? To get more information about Facebook ads strategy, read this website’s blog and increase your knowledge.

By Fakhra Husnain 



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