Facebook ads to show up on Instagram

How to Set Up Your Facebook ads to show up on Instagram.

Looking to extend your marketing efforts to Instagram with your existing Facebook Ads?

It’s possible and easy with the right steps in place—read on to learn how to have your Facebook ads to show up on Instagram.


Create Your Ads in the Facebook Interface. Facebook ads to show up on Instagram

Before you do anything, you need to create your ads in the Facebook Ads Manager. This will be where you choose the images, videos, text, and any other elements of your ad that users on Instagram will see.

When creating each ad, select both Facebook and Instagram as places for it to appear. That way, when your ads are approved for distribution, they’ll be sent to both networks automatically.


Facebook ads to show up on Instagram
Facebook ads to show up on Instagram

Set Up a Placement Option for Instagram. 

In the Ads Manager, you need to select a placement option for Instagram so your ads will show up correctly.

To do this, simply scroll down the list of options in the “Placement” section and choose “Instagram feed” or “Instagram Stories.”

You can also customize your placements further by choosing the countries, devices, and device owners that you want your ads to be targeting.

facebook ads placement
Facebook ads to show up on Instagram


Designate Target Audiences and Ad Scheduling Preferences.

After setting up your photo or video ads for Instagram, you will need to specify who your target audience is. You can do this by selecting the age group, gender, location, and interests of people on Facebook or Instagram to whom you would like your ad to be shown to.

Additionally, you can select which day and time range you would like the ad to appear in each user’s feed. This is a good way to ensure your ads reach their desired audience at the best time for maximum impact.


facebook target audience
Facebook ads to show up on Instagram

Start by Testing Different Versions of Your Ads on Facebook First.

Before you begin showing your ads on Instagram, it is best to test different versions of your ads on Facebook first. This will help you get an idea of the types of content that resonates well with your audience;

the level of engagement it generates; and what conversions it achieves. Once you have identified the best-performing ad variations, you can then move them over to Instagram. This will increase the chances of generating high returns from your advertising investment on both platforms.


Monitor Performance to See Which Version Works Best On Instagram.

Once you have set up your ads and they are running on Instagram, it is critical to monitor performance closely. This will help you identify whether the ads performing well on Facebook are also succeeding on Instagram.

Make use of analytics tools and social media monitoring services like Hootsuite or SocialFlow, which can offer insights into how your audiences engage with content. Using this data, you can adjust your targeting and bids to ensure that your campaigns generate better returns on Instagram.


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