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Learn how to create Facebook custom audience

create a custom audience in Facebook you need to have a source.
The source could be from your website or Facebook business page.
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coming back to the topic,

This depends on your source, from where you want to create.
Now you can create a custom audience in Facebook. based on user’s activity on
your website or Facebook business page. like add to cart, or just visit your
website or page recently.
When you are creating a custom audience in Facebook page.
you have a lot of options to create a Facebook custom audience.
You can create a custom audience from your video views,
people who have visited your page, or Instagram account, and many more.
Here is the screenshot.facebook custom audience
custom audience in facebook
Or people who engaged with your page in the last days (from 1 day to 365 days)
Here is the step-by-step process.
Go to ads manager >click on all tools button > then click on create audience > select source.
Click on Create button and follow the process to create your custom audience in Facebook,
but remember that you have at least 3 month active facebook page. but remember this in not manditory.
Now if you want to grow your audience here is i have explain how to
Grow Your Facebook Buisness Page from the source you want to create.
When you have a custom audience. you can create a lookalike audience
based on your custom audience.
Now you may want to know about the lookalike audience
How Facebook is creating a lookalike audience,
Here is the answer
Let’s start with an example Of one single user
Facebook has tons of data of the user.
If you create a Facebook custom audience based on their recent activities
on your page like who engaged with your page prvoiusly.
So Facebook will look at people who are most similar to the user who engaged with your audience
Facebook has a group of people divided into three different categories
Interest base
And age groups
So now if you want to create a custom audience in Facebook. I hope this post is helping

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