retarget with facebook ads

3 effective ways, how to retargeting with Facebook ads

Retargeting with facebook ads is one of the

most importantretargeting facebook ads

ways, to show your product or service to

your engaged audience. whenever you want.

When you are thinking to start retargeting with Facebook ads.

but before that, you must know how to learn Facebook ads. And obviously retargeting with Facebook can’t be done organically. All you need to create retargeting ads on Facebook. 

Now let’s start one by one 

1   At least one retargeting campaign live always


Keep at least one retargeting campaign always running.

When you keep running a retargeting ads campaign. your audience is having your content in their news feed frequently. so they might take an action provided by you, it could learn more, send a message or any other CTA call to action button 

2 Test several high-value retargeting audiences


Test several high-value retargeting audiences means to target people who already have shown more interest in your product or service. 

For example, a user clicks add to cart button and hasn’t finished the purchase so all you have to create a custom audience from your page who click on add to cart button. and create Facebook retargeting ads on Facebook. so there is a huge possibility to take any action because the user is already familiar with your product or service. 

3  Use Facebook custom audience for retargeting.


 now let’s start with a Facebook custom audience. Just create a Facebook custom audience based on their recent activity whether it could be added to a cart or just visit your page or website.

 and then create a campaign retargeting with Facebook ads.

And also you can create a lookalike audience based on a custom audience.

Three steps customer journey.

customer journey


The first step is awareness second step is a consideration and the last step is conversion.

Now let’s start to explain one by one.

  1.   Awareness 

As we can understand from the name awareness It means you have to create awareness about your product or service. and When you launch A new product your audience won’t know about your product. so you need to create awareness about your product or service.

  1.   Consideration

This is the second step of the Facebook customer journey. in this phase, you have to engage with your audience by letting them send messages, comments, and likes your product. in this stage Facebook is giving you more options to select your objective.

  1.   Conversion 

This is the last phase of the Facebook customer journey, as we know the conversion means converting leads into sales.

Let me give you an example of a user, for instance, you have a website and you are selling electronic products. And a user just clicks on add to cart button and just leaves the page. Remember the user hasn’t finished the purchase just click on at to cart button.

To retarget this same user you need to install Facebook pixel on your website. To install the pixel on your website for retargeting with Facebook ads Which is just to copy your pixel code and upload it to your website. If you are using WordPress. You can install a plugin and activate it. And paste the pixel code into the plugin.

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